the user experience of ubiquitous annotation

{ ubiquitous annotation: attaching digital information to physical objects and places }

There are many ways to anchor digital information in the physical world.  Common technologies today include NFC tags,  QR codes, location and image recognition.  As they rely on a mobile device to present information, they require user interaction before they present any up-to-date information – which could motivate and facilitate engagement in first place.

social object label

To address this problem we  combine a marker with a small display. The display provides dynamic information upfront and enables potential users to make an informed decision about their engagement. In addition, it can give dynamic feedback and show a trace in the physical environment after interaction took place.

Ubiquitous annotation is a generic concept with a wide range of applications. We focus in particular on social object annotation, where people rate and comment on physical objects and places.


Scenarios of use

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