Ubiquitous annotation user experience

Research seminar at the University of Portsmouth’ School of Computing last Wednesday, 13th February 2013:

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/marcuswinter/uploaded-ubiquitous-annotation-user-experience

Ubiquitous annotation involves attaching digital information to physical objects and places. As applications of ubiquitous annotation rapidly evolve from static content delivery to dynamic, social, user-generated content, the user experience of discovering and accessing ubiquitous annotation services through static touchpoints needs to be reviewed. This talk will look at the impact of different technologies on the user experience of ubiquitous annotation and identify common usability issues with static service touchpoints. It will map out on-going research into dynamic touchpoints that combine service triggers with digital signage to enhance the user experience of ubiquitous annotation and describe a scenario of use in the cultural heritage domain.