Kikumi works in the City of London. It is the 6th of August and she is on her way to meet friends for dinner. Coming from Hiroshima, she is aware of today’s anniversary of the atomic bombing of her home city, which she had always commemorated as a child with her parents.

She stops over in Tavistock Square, where an old cherry tree and a plaque commemorate the victims of Hiroshima. There are cards and origami cranes tied to the tree from other people remembering the victims. Many of the cards have fallen to the ground and are washed out by the rain. Kikumi never brought a card or crane herself. Noticing the social object label attached to the plaque, indicating 237 digital comments left by people before her, she welcomes the idea of leaving a digital message. She swipes her smartphone over the social object label and reads some of the messages left by others before adding her own personal words.


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