Museums and Galleries

Miles, a self-professed culture vulture living in London, is in the Tate Modern to see a newly opened exhibition on abstract expressionism. Walking through the gallery, he stops in front of a large Jackson Pollock canvas which prompts associations of city lights in him. Reading the image label, he notices the social object label next to it indicating 37 comments for the artwork. Curious to find out more, he touches the NFC symbol on the display with his mobile, which brings up a list of visitor comments on the device screen. Miles likes to read all the comments, even the trivial ones, and thinks they provide a nice contrast to the informative and professionally written descriptive museum label. He hits the Add Comment button at the bottom of the list and submits his own comment describing the effect the picture has on him.

Later that day, Mildred stands in front of the same picture. She notices the social object labelĀ and swipes her mobile to read the comments people left for the picture. Coming across Miles’ message, she hits the reply button and describes her own more abstract associations.

At the end of the first week of the exhibition, Basil the curator logs into the admin interface and browses through the comments left by visitors. Learning what his audience thinks of specific images and of the exhibition as a whole gives him many hints of how he could improve the experience, e.g. by including additional information in his descriptions or by re-arranging the placement of some artworks.


Scenarios of use

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