Public consultation

scenario_local_government_brighton_i360_small Sally and Sid stroll along the beach front in Brighton. Walking past the ruins of the old West Pier, they come across a large notice board with information about the planned Brighton i360 tower. Like most people in Brighton, they know about this controversial development project and have strong views about it.

As Sally and Sid are both working and value their weekend, they did not go to one of the public meetings where the project was discussed and citizens had an opportunity to voice their concerns. Neither did they respond to calls in the local newspaper to send in letters on the topic. However, standing on the very site where the planned tower is to be built they both feel a new urgency to contribute to the discussion. Sally touches the social object label with her mobile to bring up comments left by other passers-by. After skimming through some recent comments, they jointly formulate their own message and submit it. Sally and Sid both get satisfaction out of the counter on the object label ticking up upon their submission, knowing that they finally made their point about the new development.


Scenarios of use

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